Why did nobody do anything when the World went crazy?

Camden Town, London

Camden Town, London

George Orwell plaque BBC Centre, London

George Orwell plaque
BBC Centre, London



Ian Parson

 There is only truth. You cannot create your own facts. It doesn’t matter how much it might seems as though you can. And if you do, then expect them to be held up to the light and examined in minute detail. Ridiculed and torn apart if necessary.

Just because you feel something is true doesn’t make it so. 


Regardless, millions amongst us want what we perceive as fact to be true so badly we’ll include anything, literally as relevant, important, cutting-edge.


Society is so pre-occupied with irrelevancies we’ve barely noticed artificial intelligence coming along so fast there’s no time to react.


Mass employment is just around the corner. Humans needn’t apply. Robots are mind numbingly smart and don’t want time off.


No surprise really because experiments show that your average human is getting measurably dumber.


The phone in your pocket is capable of amazing feats. Yet it’s mainly used to look at porn and Facebook. It’s a funny old world right now. Not funny Ha Ha, more funny peculiar.


Maybe, just maybe we have to go right to the edge of a dark precipice before realising that we have more in common with each other than we care to admit.


None of us want the planet to die. Nobody needs more missiles flying through the air.


But perhaps we have to suffer a little in the meantime. Lets call it payback for all the party years. Many of them at Mother Nature’s expense. We’ve messed up so spectacularly there’s bound to be a little more due before we’ve paid back in full.


So with as much good grace as we can muster, lets keep with the Trump and Brexit experiments. No matter how incredulous they become in the short term. Because people are fundamentally slow to learn. Some of us may have to see the fall out in all its horrific glory, with our own disbelieving eyes, before we will even consider meaningful dialogue with opposing ideas.


Buckle up, Stay alert, keep a diary perhaps. Because one day you’ll be asked


“Why did nobody do anything when the world went crazy?”





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