Plymouth writer gets celebrity endorsement

Music legend Shane MacGowan enjoying ‘The Killswitch‘ by Ian Parson. A journey that runs from punk in the early days to cyber punks these days

Shane MacGowan has earned the respect of music fans across the globe.

He understands what people want. From a classic Christmas song to the most amazing live gig you will ever experience. He’s been there, done it all & got the T-shirt to prove it.

Now he’s got the book as well!

For Shane to take the time to approve of my work is truly thrilling. It makes me feel vindicated and gives me the boost to keep doing what I do.

That is write the stories of those on the margins.

The Killswitch’ is basically a love story that delves into the world’s of spies, hackers, punk & revolution.

Be like Shane and give it a go, you never know, you might enjoy the ride.

English Punk in Barcelona.

On a recent trip to Barcelona I took time to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest revolutionary writers of all time, George Orwell.

Moko Cafe, La Rambla, Barcelona, where George Orwell first went to join POUM forces. The cafe hasn’t forgotten their famous visitor
George Orwell lived in a poor part of town. It’s still poor.
Barcelona where they named a square after the famous writer, George Orwell
Ian Parson, circa 1960’s. Red Cross armband, circa 1936.
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