The Killswitch by Ian Parson

Exciting new Thriller from Plymouth’s best known writer

Ever wanted to fast forward your life? Ever wanted to go back and change things? You need the Killswitch

The world is out of synch & something needs to change. Aiden likes books, Stevie likes ornithology & computers.

Just a couple of misfits, teenagers in the era of Punk Rock, long in the tooth come the digital age.

People like them aren’t supposed to make a difference, but it turns out if they really want it, they can take over the whole world.

The Killswitch is an epic tale for the modern world. Only this time things turn out differently.

In a world where everyone only thinks of themselves, caring about the planet is an act of rebellion. photo: Jon Hardy
Ian Parson 康沃尔的作者 照片Jon Hardy
It’s all very well relying on CCTV to keep people safe. Until hackers simply point the cameras away from crimes.
Do you ever think there is too much security?

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