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Immortalised by George Orwell in 'Keep the Aspidistra Flying'

Writer Ian Parson at the White Horse, Hampstead, London. George Orwell lived opposite this pub when writing ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ He refers to it in the book.                          Humanity in the 21st Century
Ian Parson
George Orwell believed that Capitalism subtly manipulated the masses.
‘Throw them the odd circus it’ll be enough’ he said,
He would have added ‘Let them watch television’ if he’d been around just a few more years.
As World War Two became inevitable British factories didn’t want to switch to military output for the National good. Bosses were reluctant to forsake profits. In today’s jargon, ‘Profits before People’
Whilst in Hitler’s Germany economic production could be switched to the output of military machinery on a whim.
‘Britain had to abolish capitalism and embrace socialism to defeat fascism’ Orwell claimed.
We all know the World is changing faster than ever. That Artificial Intelligence is about to make work, in the traditional sense, obsolete.
Whilst the school system in place is no longer fit for purpose.
What is the point of teaching kids to pass exams anymore?
What’s the capital of Zimbabwe?
Dunno, I’ll look on my phone.
10 times 18?
Dunno, one second, I’ll look on my phone.
Meanwhile billionaires totally devoid of morals have hijacked the media. They’ve spent 40 years encouraging us to blame the weakest amongst us for all our woes.
Look down on ‘them’ just don’t look up and wonder why a minuscule number of individuals have accumulated all the wealth, seems to have been the plan.
It worked, beyond their wildest dreams.
Nationalism was bad for humanity in the 30’s and it’s bad for us now.
Your country is not better than all the others, and if you are in danger of losing your job to an unqualified migrant, who can’t even speak the language, doesn’t that say rather more about you than him. Or at least speak volumes about the education provided by your government.

Today we have to embrace Internationalism to abolish Nationalism. In the 21st Century we are no longer a collection of nations, we are one race floating through space on a fragile blue ball.
Despite the Brexit result we can rejoin humanity, even take a leading role in the next phase, because Internationalism appeals to something that crosses political lines. Something Orwell considered a strong British value.
He said. ‘The British show concern for the wellbeing of ordinary people’
We proved it in the 1940’s, now unfortunately after the Windrush and Grenfell Tower disasters, we must prove it again.
Orwell would be disgusted by the zero hours contracts and McJobs economy today’s population are forced to endure. He’d hate that Britain has been reduced to a little island off the coast of Europe. One that specialises in money laundering and arms dealing.
We took a wrong turn somewhere in the last decades and its time to re-adjust. Time to buck the trend, defy the Mail and the Sun and stick up for the underdog, wherever they were born, in the true British tradition.
Its time to build bridges not walls.

Orwell's bookshop

The bookshop George Orwell lived over and worked in when writing ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’. From his window he could see and hear the White Horse opposite.

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