Ian Parson, James Lucas, Robot girl on the Northern Line. Picture by Jon Hardy

Ian Parson, James Lucas, Robot girl on the Northern Line.
Picture by Jon Hardy

I love travelling on the tube. I never look at my phone, there is too much to read, so much to admire. The time is too brief to waste a single second.

Ian Parson September 2017


Orwell at the BBC

I think the statue of George Orwell fits perfectly at the entrance to BBC television centre in London. To be greeted by Orwell as one enters such a historic institution focuses the mind. Reminds the visitor this is a place where words really matter. Something that should always be remembered.

Camden Lock, where you expect cars and crowds not ponies and carts. But that’s the beauty of Camden Market , you never know what’s around the corner.
I heard a quote once that always fascinated me:-
"The Bloomsbury Circle, lived in Squares and made love in Triangles"
It was originally intended as an insult to Virginia Woolf and her Bohemian friends. Personally I would imagine she'd be thrilled with the description. Ian Parson Feb'22
Bloomsbury Square, London has such a rich literary history it’s the perfect place for a Sunday stroll checking out the blue plaques
London only functions because of it's dedicated workforce. individuals who work all hours for little renumeration, yet always conduct themselves with pride and enthusiasm. They have to or they get replaced.
Staff meeting at The British Library in Bloomsbury, London
Camden Market, London has always been one of my favourite places. Mainly because its always innovating, trying new things, keeping it fresh.
Ian Parson, Feb '22
Stables Market, Camden Town, London
People on the Tube are generally very good about masks and social distancing. Or to put it another way, most of us are more than willing to show consideration for total strangers, strongly suggesting there is hope for the human race after all.
Ian Parson, Writer on the District Line, London Underground
Senate House in Bloomsbury, London was taken over by the Ministry of Information during World War Two. They produced propaganda to help the war effort. One of the staff was George Orwell who would use the building as the Ministry of Truth in his novel 1984
George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth
Scotland Yard in Victoria Street, London was home to London's Metropolitan Police for almost 50 years, since 1967. In 2016 it was moved for the fourth time to the Victoria Embankment right opposite the London Eye.
London’s River Thames boasts the London Eye on the South Bank & New Scotland Yard directly opposite on the North side.
Ian Parson, Writer, taking a quick break before lunch in the East End of London, December ’22

Ian Parson has 3 books set in the East End of London.

A Secret Step‘ A 50 year tale of a slum family between 1888 & 1941. From Jack the Ripper to the Blitz of London.

The East End Beckons‘ An epic story travelling from Cornwall to London as the world danced to a dangerous tune.

The Grind‘ The story of two young girl’s growing up in Dorset Street, the worst slum in Victorian London. Murder, crime and intrigue are all they know. 

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