Ghosts of East London

Ghosts of East London

Ian Parson

Undeniably places have history. Sometimes grand and well documented. Other times secretive for the sake of sensibility. When that happens it fools nobody for long. You can do what you like to Islington. I’m as likely to see a gun being brandished there now as I was in 1888.
Places don’t just have history, they have auras.
People don’t just bumble along, we are spiritual.
Of course this is complete nonsense. Or is it?
The real answer to that question has to be, it all depends. If you will concede there is at least a modicum of truth in this train of thought then it follows that some places give off stronger auras than others. That certain people are more spiritual genetically.
I may not believe in ghosts because I’m not spiritual enough. I do however shiver sometimes whilst feeling as though somebody just walked across my grave. It’s just an old wive’s tale. I don’t know why I give it any credence. I shouldn’t waste a second on such matters really.
I know a girl who feels the presence of others, even the dead, strongly. She can tell if she is standing on a spot where somebody died. Not through any specialised knowledge. Simply because she instinctively knows that something has happened there.
Spirits and auras are not a million miles apart. Perhaps we could be happier, more contented if we allowed our instincts to guide us in this regard. Let’s assume your geographical location ought to be in perfect harmony with your soul? Perhaps there is a specific location on the map at which you would feel most comfortable, most ‘at home’.
Perhaps you always feel so tired and irritable because you are out of synch with your surroundings. Maybe, just maybe your sense that next year will be better than this is simply your spirit telling you that you shouldn’t be here. You really belong somewhere else.
Don’t you owe it to yourself to seek out new places? Particularly those that leap to your ear for no discernible reason?

Taken by Ian Parson just as Shoreditch gave up the ghost to the developers. Seemed apt that she should be watching over proceedings.

Taken by Ian Parson just as old Shoreditch gave up the ghost to the developers. Seemed apt that she should be watching over proceedings.    

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