‘Make or Break in Marrakesh’ by Ian Parson

Laughing all the way from North London to North Africa

Sahara Desert, Morocco
where Camels and Sand dominate.
The Sahara desert in Morocco is truly an inspiring location
Writers, artists, movie makers have long taken advantage of the unique Sahara beauty
The Tower of London, the very streets of London are a constant source of inspiration to artists of all persuasions
Marrakesh, Morocco where dreams are waiting to come to life

London has been the main inspiration for my writing since I was a young art student dreaming of being published.

I’d walk the rainy streets and pass the haunts of literary figures I admired, thinking, ‘one day it’ll be me‘.

‘Make or Break in Marrakesh’ is a story that we are all familiar with,

The guy who likes the idea of love more than the reality of it.

A girl who is tired of being alone.

This is the book that will take you back to when the world was still crazy, but there was no virus overshadowing everything. Normal stuff still seemed important, before Boris Johnson oversaw the pandemic, other people’s ineptitude was a source of entertainment.

Morocco is a favourite travel destination that I hope to return to one of these days. Every visit provides stories, anecdotes, interesting encounters. No wonder George Orwell stayed in Marrakesh for so long. Its a writer’s paradise. Ian Parson, Jan ’21

‘Make or Break in Marrakesh’ Available now on Kindle or in Paperback

The best comedy story to come out of North London since Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’ NB. The book not the movie starring John Cusack

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Marrakesh, Morocco, land of spices and aromas

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