Plymouth writer heads to Morocco in a change of pace

Plymouth born writer Ian Parson has a new novel out in the Comedy genre available in Hardback, Paperback, Kindle & audiobook (Audible)
Ian Parson, writer, historian
Photo: Jon Hardy

Ian Parson has already had three novels published. All set in the East End of London. History told from the perspective of the common people.

The Victorian era in particular has been a mine of inspiration for his stories. All three novels, ‘A Secret Step‘ ‘The East End Beckons‘ and ‘The Grind‘ have been critically acclaimed. Particular mention given to the way he inserts fictional characters into genuine historical events.

Ian might have been expected to continue building his audience by writing another novel in the same genre, but he didn’t. Ian Parson’s latest book ‘Make or Break in Marrakesh‘ is as far removed from the old East End as the ultra modern Shard.

The slums of the Victorian East End are left far behind in this book, to be replaced by the relative poverty of Morocco. The seedier side of life is a feature of Ian Parson’s novels. History is about much more than Kings and Queens. Those on the lower rungs often have the most interesting stories to tell.

It should be acknowledged however that for a novelist to change genres whilst still relatively unknown is a risky move. They might end up losing the small circle of readers they have already managed to attract.

However having read ‘Make or Break’ I’m glad he took the risk, and I’m not alone. Its a funny book, rare indeed these days. Ian Parson can now return to the East End if he so chooses, having got the aberration out of his system or he could continue to produce modern comedy, only time will tell.

Paperback version of 'Make or Break in Marrakesh' shown. This story is also available on Kindle, Audiobook or as a hardback collector's edition, in all good bookshops (Allowing for Cid19 restrictions) or on Amazon
Plymouth born author Ian Parson has now moved into the comedy genre
Make or Break in Marrakesh‘ is a modern tale of love and loss available on & all usual outlets.
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