‘The Grind’


The Grind Book - Cover Image

The Grind- life in the worst street in London

 Grind – Victorian slang for sex.

Grind – Daily toil.

Victorian London, the world’s first metropolis, offered brand new opportunities. Now you could hide in plain sight. Or reinvent yourself. Young girls could become hardened criminals.

Murder is for hire in a street inhabited by the ‘semi-literate & criminal’, a place regarded officially as the worst street in London.

This is the story of two girls who just call it home.

One on her way up, the other on her way down.

Mary and Liza are best friends.

A workhouse girl from birth, Liza likes working the streets.

She has independence, money, clothes and protection from the mob.

Mary hates it. Life has dragged her to the East End. She is bitter, angry and dangerous.

This marks her out as a candidate for the assassins ring.

How can the girls remain friends if she joins?

Liza wishes life could stand still. She thinks ambition will be their downfall. If only she was brave enough to say what she really thought.

As the girls become mothers they drift further apart. Suspicion sets in.

This is the story of what can happen when friends fall out.

When things get so bad, a young women looks in the mirror and smiles at the prospect of violence.

This is the story of coping with the daily grind.

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