isolation in 2020


The London Eye with no customers.
The CoronaVirus has changed London in ways we don't yet realise.
March 2020, the virus has taken hold. London has never been so quiet. It feels as though we can never go back.

I never get ill. I never compare the differences between private healthcare and the NHS.

Then I hurt my ankle.

The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t remember anything like it.

This must be what ‘needing help’ feels like. I didn’t care for it.

For the next few days I can’t do a thing. My leg hurts when I sleep, try to walk or carry anything. Sometimes its easier to crawl. This is a nightmare.

Within a few weeks I’ve rearranged the flat. Now everything I need is close to hand. My pain is nearly gone. There’s a virus in China on the news.

It’ll be nice to get back outside, to socialise.

Finally my cast comes off. Spring is here, birds are singing. The virus arrives in Europe. Experts advise us to stay indoors.

It’s not fair. I’ve just done six weeks!

When I had a broken ankle, friends and family helped.

They won’t now.

I don’t want them here anyway, they might be infected

Everyone is a potential enemy now.

Last week I was looking forward to a trip to the market.

This week I would rather eat stale toast than go to a crowded place.

Getting my plaster removed wasn’t meant to be like this.

I’ll have to put socialising on hold.

Ian Parson, March 2020

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