Book launch in Plymouth

New Book Launch from city author @ The Minerva Inn, Barbican, Plymouth

Ian Parson Plymouth Author at the Minerva Inn, Barbican, Nov ’22
Being Young is an attitude

Forty years ago punks and misfits first congregated in the Minerva Inn, Plymouth. Regular get-togethers that still occur, with Saturday November the 5th 2022 being the latest.

This one was arranged whilst blissfully unaware the nation’s favourite Clash tribute act were playing the same night, just one mile away.

But what you gonna to do when notifications have already gone out?

You carry on of course and what will be, will be.

It’s important to always remember the course the World takes is not for others to decide. We choose, we decide. And we chose to throw a party.

When punk first exploded across the land, when misfits finally got a voice, everybody else went apoplectic with rage.

Then, as now, the official mantra all were invited to accept was,

How dare those uppity youngsters, who’s futures we have ruined, tell us we need to change the system

But who cares what others think? You wanna better life, more in keeping with your own dreams? Then do it, and if it works out you’ll be an influencer. Others will copy. Change will be created by showing, not telling. Just get organised and do your thing. 

Like we did on Bonfire Night ’22.

Reptile House played some excellent tunes, drink flowed and people danced. Many took the opportunity to trip down memory lane, punk style. Still daring to wonder why the world refuses to do the right things. Why the new generation haven’t yet stepped up?

At this stage in human evolution everyone agrees ‘something must be done’ but what?

That question is one of many answered in ‘The Killswitch’ A version of which is available right now from Amazon or your favourite book retailer. 

Later that night some of us went to Mutley Plain to catch the end of London Calling – The Clash Tribute. A pretty good way to round off the best firework night for many years.

Ian Parson

Reptile House playing at the Minerva Inn, Plymouth Bonfire night ’22
‘The Killswitch’ book launch Minerva Inn, Plymouth Nov ’22

All books by Ian Parson are available from Amazon, Waterstones, Kindle, Audible & all decent retailers

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