Here we go again! 2024 another year, another bombing raid

Ian Parson, writer Norway Jan ’24

Spain are one of the European countries who signed a letter declaring they don’t want to spend billions of pounds bombing Yemen, one of the poorest countries on earth.

The Daily Mail says they are betraying their seafaring history.

Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles said “Spain’s position is based on a commitment to peace

So, down with that sort of thing.

French warships will only escort French flagged vessels past the Houthi pirates, and their captains will “Not take orders from foreign counterparts

Meanwhile Britain of course is more than happy to take orders from ‘merika,  

After all weapons manufacturers are major donors to the Republican and Conservative parties. Politicians have shares in arms companies, but thats probably just coincidence.

The Europeans call for peace, whilst in Britain anyone opposing war is an ’enemy of the people’ ‘unpatriotic’ or simply ‘doesn’t care about OUR boys and girls’

Here we go again, wrap yourself in the flag so tightly it cuts off the supply of blood to your brain.

Yesterday (Jan 13th ’24) 200 thousand people went on what Cruella Braverman would describe as the first hate march of 2024.

They stomped around central London calling for peace. Whilst they were mainly students, pensioners and librarians, their ranks did contain a couple of hardened criminals. Those were easy to spot because they were carrying ‘offensive placards’. Obviously they had their collars felt,

Yes that’s right. You’re nicked sonny! come with me’

It reminds me of when ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ by the Sex Pistols came out and our local record shop was raided for having it in the window.

Offensive you see, arrest that brigand!

Never mind the hungry kids attending crumbling schools, or the plethora of homeless people across our cities, or the billions of PPE money that has just disappeared onto computer screens somewhere, or the flammable tower blocks, or the NHS in total disarray. Never mind all that, arrest these placard carriers, they are offending my sensibilities. 

I suppose I shouldn’t mock the regime. I don’t want to risk being on another list, not this early in the year. 

Ian Parson Jan ‘24

Ian Parson, writer Jan ’24
It’s good to get away from Britain occasionally, look at how other, better run countries do things. We could all learn a lot from Scandinavian governments. Bring on the general election

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