Surfers Against Sewage – #OceanActivists in #Plymouth

Plymouth Sound 20th May 2023


It was time people paid for their crimes.

He was going to make the general public see the light, whether they wanted to or not. Changes were coming, by force if necessary. It was for the greater good.

Unchecked Jonny had developed the true conviction of a religious zealot.

The way he saw it, if he was willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, others could as well.

It was a shame he had nobody to run his logic by.

But there it was. He worked alone, he slept alone, he had no confidants. If a thought made sense to him it passed the litmus test and was good to go.

He’d spent many hours plotting how best to ram his message home. How to force the world to listen.

He’d considered going after the corporations but that wouldn’t affect enough of the guilty. He pondered shutting down nuclear plants. Or closing oil refineries, or gas pipelines, or even all three.

All tempting options considering humans were prepared to sacrifice the planet and every living creature on it, but none seemed like punishment enough.


He fumed not for the first time. Not even for the first time that day,

Selfishness in pursuit of short term gain’

‘It will be the death of us all’

‘And social media? Don’t get me started on that. It ain’t social, and it ain’t media’

Jonny held a special contempt in his heart for that shit. Facebook he considered the worst of all.

Finally a fitting punishment that would affect the guiltiest the most came to him.

He would hack into social media platforms and adjust the settings.

I’ll give them all a score

‘I’m not a madman’ he told himself, ‘I’m not unreasonable. I’ll make it fair’

Everybody can start with a hundred points. Then algorithms can readjust as we go.

People can earn extra points for being good. Using public transport, recycling, being a member of Greenpeace or Extinction Rebellion, working in something sustainable that benefits humanity, that sort of thing.

Surfers Against Sewage & Extinction Rebellion are vitally important organisations in these crazy times
This is how the present will evolve into the future.

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