History is not only Kings and Queens

Ian Parson

Live music is an important ritual we should all experience

My first novel ‘A Secret Step’ was set around the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 and the Blitz of World War Two. The main character was from the East End slums and lived through both events. I really enjoyed looking at history from the perspective of the overlooked whilst using fifty years as a timeframe. A period well within an average life.

Years have passed since then. Now I’m old enough to write a half century story during which history happened around me.

My latest offering ‘The Killswitch’ spans from the 1970s to the 2020s.

When I was at school corporal punishment was still a thing. Phone boxes were important fixtures on the landscape. Victorian slums had not yet been pulled down, nor had Victorian ideology. 

Music was important to kids and punk rock appeared as I was a teenager.

History to me is street markets for T-shirts and badges. Groundbreaking gigs in long gone pubs, Hand made fanzines as a means of communication. I was still around for the birth of mobile phones and the Internet.

When punks hung up their leathers, new youth movements stepped into the breach. Younger but equally disillusioned Cyber punks, activists & computer hackers came along to fill the void. 

A common cry fifty years ago was ‘What are you rebelling against?’

Today it would be easier to ask,’Why aren’t you fighting back?’

But have no fear, today’s kids will leave their mark on history just as the old punks did. 

Ian Parson, October ‘22

The Killswitch‘ Thrilling new novel by Ian Parson, look out for it at all the usual outlets
If you know about the Sex Pistols, you’ll know
Punks still hanging around after 50 years.

Ian Parson, writer at a posh do in The Minories, East London, Dec ’21

Street art is an important means of expression. Getting it all out of your system without too many serious risks

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