Lockdown Art

The Lockdown Lookout
‘The Lockdown Lookout’ Created by Ian Parson when the whole world was on standby, May ’20
Streets with a minimum of people is one of the strangest thins lockdown forced upon the cities
Covid 19 has meant the streets are often practically deserted

Staying home is not as simple as you’d think. It’s been difficult for all of us. Lying in bed, watching daytime television and generally wasting the hours away, eventually, like having Christmas every day, gets boring.

I did this sketch when the wearing of masks was still a novelty. Combined with how nothing interferes with a youngster and their phone.
Kids on phones are oblivious to their surroundings

The novel I’ve been working on seems irrelevant now. Its about a disaster, I don’t feel like writing it whilst a real, far worse disaster is roaming the streets. Yet I wanted to use at least some of the lockdown time creatively.

'Masks are the new Black' by Ian Parson
In March 2020 British people started wearing masks in public. By April they were common. It was unnerving at first, perfectly in fitting with the vibe created by Covid19.
Sketch of London 'back in the day' When the docks supplied the whole land and the dome of St. Paul's dominated the London skyline
Ian Parson, April '21
There was a time when the dome of St. Paul’s cathedral dominated the London skyline

In the end I opted to go back to basics. Create art, not in its written form, but using good old fashioned paper and pencil.

Politics in the UK is now dominated by liars & spies, that's bad enough. Enough of the population are obviously comfortable with it. That is far worse for those who want the best for Britain.
Ian Parson, May '21
Boris Johnson is simply copying the Donald Trump handbook of ‘how to do politics’
Mislead the masses, never admit you are wrong, surround yourself with sycophants, legalise gerrymandering.

Hope you like them.

Ian Parson May 2020

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