Book Launch in London – Author Ian Parson signs copies of ‘A Secret Step’ at Jack the Ripper site

Wednesday 7th August 2013 was the 125th anniversary of the first suspected victim of Jack the Ripper.  The body of Martha Tabram was found in the alley running along side The White Hart pub in Whitechapel High Street. Ian Parson considered this date and place should be the time and venue to launch his new book ‘A Secret Step’.  Breen, the landlord, agreed and during the day, following some publicity of the event, Ian set up and signed copies of the book. There was considerable interest and an enthusiastic following of people turned up from as far away as North Yorkshire as well as local East End residents.  Even the local street cleaner, who noticed a poster outside the pub and who is interested in Jack the Ripper, called in and bought his signed copy. A photographer from the East End Advertiser noticed the buzz around the pub and called in to see what was happening.  After taking a few details, photographs and talking to his editor, a write-up of the event and other features about the book and Jack the Ripper are planned by this century old East End...

Pre-launch book ‘sell out’ of novel ‘A Secret Step’ by author Ian Parson

For those who are particularly interested in all things Jack the Ripper and Victorian East End, the opportunity exists to join The Whitechapel Society. They hold bi-monthly meetings in London’s East End and produce an excellent newsletter. Being a member of the Whitechapel Society does have it’s advantages including advance notice and opportunity of things to come.  Your author was invited to give a presentation and offer his book for sale to the room as a pre-launch to the Whitechapel Society members at their meeting on Saturday 3rd August 2013. (Ed. – the official book launch being Wednesday 7th August 2013 at the White Hart pub in Whitechapel High Street. This being the 125th anniversary of the first suspected Jack the Ripper victim Martha Tabram, taking place in the alley beside this pub.) Ian took more than enough books for the occasion arriving at 6.30pm with the meeting starting at 7.30pm. While the evening was still young the books sold out. (Ed – Next time Ian either take more books or put the price...

Secret Step author Ian Parson sets novel in footsteps of Jack the Ripper

Read all about it So reports the East End Advertiser. Read all about it, visit the newspaper web site www.eastlondonadvertiser and go to ‘News’ or click the following link: author_ian_parson_sets_novel_in_footsteps_of_jack_the_ripper_1_2325984

A Secret Step – Book Launch, London’s East End

A Secret Step – Book Launch, London’s East End

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