Plymouth author at Box Plymouth

Ian Parson writer, Box Plymouth July ’22

When I was growing up in Plymouth trips to the library were a highlight of the week. I will forever be grateful to my mum signing me up to the kid’s club. You could borrow any book you liked and on return describe it. If you were efficient you won a, actually I can’t remember what you won. But I know I enjoyed regaling some poor librarian with my childish analysis of a book she probably hated. And I vaguely recall it was worth my while which strongly suggests something.

Mind you it was the 70s and kids were easily impressed then. A tiny gold star sticker was considered a trophy to be proud of.

Anyway between them the adults involved developed in me a love for literature. Made me realise clever people had written things and committed them to print on any subject I could think of. I could literally broaden my understanding of anything at all. All I had to do was go to the library. I think I instinctively realised even then that knowledge is power.

Fast forward 50 years and the old library is now part of Box Plymouth and last week I went for the first time.

I had to really, there’s a display of Plymouth’s old music scene. Yes that’s right I’m now so old artefacts from my youth are considered museum relics. Oh well, at least I’m still here and I may not be young anymore but I can still write about it!

Ian Parson, July ’22

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