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London's River Thames, like the city itself, has strong undercurrents that run far too deep to be safe.
‘You write because you want to say something’
Ian Parson, Storyteller, London, June ’21

We write because we have something to say. If a writer is really lucky they will get published. Only what if nobody likes your work, or buys it or understands where you’re coming from? What if your publisher doesn’t promote you?

My last two novels were published by Next Chapter Publishing, and I couldn’t be happier with them.

They work relentlessly to raise my profile and have now released both ‘The Grind‘ and ‘Make or Break in Marrakesh‘ on Kindle and as Audiobooks. Real actors bringing to life characters I created.

As a boy I wanted to be a writer. Later I wanted to be an author, it just seemed such a glamorous life, full of fascinating people.

Plymouth Writer in The Blue Peter pub, Polperro, Cornwall
Ian Parson – Writer, Historian @ Polperro, Cornwall, UK

Writers spend hours alone agonising over words. Authors promote themselves publicly, agonising over what to say.

When I was small cassette players were as cutting edge as technology got. Now my work can be delivered by actors straight into your device of choice. Its more than I ever dreamed possible when I was a kid. But this is the golden age of communication, choices abound, so if you don’t like turning pages or want to save the trees, you can take in an Ian Parson Audiobook ? Ian Parson June ’21

Novels by Ian Parson are available on Kindle & in book format as well as Audiobook

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