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Coronavirus & what comes next
Coronavirus has the potential to be life changing for us all

It was the bus driver I felt sorry for first. All around him people were touching rails, bells and every surface within reach. Then a blind man came aboard and I felt sympathy for him too. The blind and disabled are unable to avoid touching things.

There is a distinct lack of hand washing facilities in public places. And even if there were Bacterial hand wash is no defence against a virus.

The best medical advice is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Face masks are only useful if the person wearing one has an infection that they are trying not to pass on.

We know there has to be a trade off between public health and the strength of the economy.

We wonder how long before crisis is inevitable?

What are you going to do when the money runs out?

I can’t help thinking this is all connected to the next phase of human societal development.

The Coronavirus refuses to recognise the superiority of the wealthy. Trump and the extreme right hate that. Currently the game is rigged in their favour and they will do anything at all to maintain the status quo.

If they fail, the socialist models being adopted by Sweden, Norway and Germany will take root. The hippies who have slowly been gaining ground since the 60s will be triumphant.

We are now reaching the final, winner takes all, stage of the fight.

Either the whole world becomes a playground for the tax avoiding super wealthy or not.

Either workers are represented in the board room. Free health care is available to all and we’re judged on how we treat society’s weakest members or not.

For some time we have been sliding towards total automation. Workers in supermarkets, banks and High Streets throughout the land will testify that jobs are going. People are being replaced by machines.

3D Printers can now build a four bedroom detached house from start to finish without a singe human needing to visit the site.

Radiographers are nowhere near as efficient as computers with Artificial Intelligence.

Robots are already better at complicated law than the most experienced two legged barrister will ever be.

What are we going to do?

There are many examples throughout history which show we find it hard to imagine a life beyond the one we inhabit.

My favourite example was told to me by a lady who grew up in the Soviet Union. She claims they all knew the system was finished by the mid 1970s. But it took another fifteen years before communism collapsed and perestroika was embraced with any confidence.

In the West when the jobs go to robots we are going to need Basic Income.

This will enable people to live their few decades on Earth unshackled from the pressure of providing for their rent, food and clothing.

Medical Care will be the responsibility of the Government, whilst unscrupulous business practises will be outlawed.

You can see why those currently hoarding all the money off-shore are fighting with all they have to stop the tide from turning.

‘Low tax, low regulation economies are best’ they say, ‘The money will trickle down’

Only it doesn’t and when mass flooding strikes we discover years of cuts equal disaster.

Add a global virus for good measure and we see that everybody is indeed in the same leaky boat.

If, as predicted, 20% of the workforce are removed from the equation we will be forced to act soon, ready or not.

In Hong Kong yesterday (March 3rd 2020) authorities announced they are giving $1000 to all those over eighteen, no questions asked. This is Basic Income.

In Alaska every citizen already receives a monthly allowance to ensure their survival. This is Basic Income.

The day is fast approaching when we are going to have to admit the size of the change we face.

When does panic buying stop being stupid and start being sensible? If you are the only one who still isn’t stocking up ‘just in case’ who’s the fool now?

Sony Pictures have closed down their London and Paris offices today.

The London Book Fair is off. Google have cancelled io 2020, their biggest event of the year.

But the big boys can continue to operate within the current Coronavirus climate.

Individuals will run into difficulty much sooner.

You can’t slash regulations this time.

Lobby groups are unusually silent because they are concerned. There is nobody for them to blame (yet).

This is conclusive proof that letting market forces dictate regardless, letting money be the centre of everything, is a bad idea.

This time you cannot close down the debate by shouting ‘Virtue signalling’ or ‘Leftie snowflake’ This time we really are all in it together.

You wanted the Blitz spirit back, this is it, or at least a modern version of it. Unfortunately coming together in times of adversity doesn’t make you feel better after all, because adversity offers genuine potential for adverse situations.

This time there is no common enemy, this time the evil European overlords are not the cause of all that ails the United Kingdom. 

Ian Parson

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Flooding, Coronavirus & what comes next
Nothing lasts forever, on that we can all agree

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