The Killswitch, A thrilling journey from Generation X to Generation Z

‘The Killswitch’ by Ian Parson. The best books are the one’s you want other people to read, you want them to go on the journey you experienced


By Ian Parson


Hi Ian, I met you and bought the book that night in the Minerva. All I can say is Wow , couldn’t put it down. I think it was the perfect mix of punk, geek and social commentary for me !‘ – Jason 10/1/23

Great read, good strong characters, beauty of a story line‘ – Brian D 12/1/23

Hoping the story slotted together, it didn’t disappoint. In some places it felt like you knew the future! Great ending! – Natalie J 13/12/22

Loved it! 50 years of social commentary creating a fascinating story‘ – Richard W 14/1/23

The best book I have read in a long time‘ Karen D – 28/10/22

“Punk Rock isn’t something you grow out of, Punk Rock is an attitude” 

Joe Strummer

50 years ago two little boys set out in the world. At the same time companies began using computers.

Aiden and Stevie didn’t fit in the grey society of the 1970s. Then punk rock exploded across the land. Misfits like them were welcomed with open arms.

The scene is intoxicating. The music, the camaraderie, the ‘you can do anything’ philosophy. Encouraged they follow their dreams. Too young to realise dreams can become nightmares.

Aiden didn’t plan to get involved with east german spies.

Stevie didn’t realise he’d be part of an anti fascist street gang.

Whilst they were busy growing up computers got smarter, the internet arrived. Modern technology gave a handful of billionaires everything they’d ever dreamed of.

For them it still wasn’t enough. They know whoever controls the killswitch controls the internet. They want that power.

Somebody needs to stop them but who? The masses are blissfully unaware there’s any danger.

The fate of mankind rests in the hands of dodgy old punks. But our heroes are battle weary, intimidated by modern technology. Too old for what needs to be done. 

Somebody younger is called for, somebody with fire in the belly.

There is a computer hacker who possesses the necessary skills. He even has the right attitude. He just isn’t convinced the human race deserves saving.

Will he listen to older heads? Do what needs to be done? You better pray the answer is ‘yes’

because he’s the only hope we’ve got.

Ian Parson, Plymouth writer @ the book launch for ‘The Killswitch” Minerva Pub, Barbican, Plymouth Nov’22
excellent book, wonderful people, fabulous pub. What’s not to like? ‘The Killswitch’ Minerva Inn, Plymouth Nov ’22 Ian Parson, Natalie Jasper, Sarah Hunt

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