Back in the day if there was something you wanted to say you would get it down on paper.

Nowadays you save it to your cloud.

It amounts to the same thing. You have created an original work. Now you want it noticed.

Time to invest in some promotion, advertising, anything to help things along.

Art galleries can be a place to find solace in a busy city.
Getting noticed in a crazy world takes initiative.
The ultimate in advertising. Building size reproductions of your work.
New York City is the mecca of advertising
Art can be created with nature in mind and humour at it's core
Countryside Art
Everybody sees the adverts at a bus stop.
Bus Stop Advertising
Art Galleries can offer up surprises.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift? Look no further. Romance & Comedy. It's like her own personal Rom-Com
Humour as a gift For Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day or to take on that fortnight in the sun

All books by Ian Parson are available @ Amazon, Waterstone’s , W H Smith & all major retailers. In paper, kindle & Audible

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