Plymouth Writer Ian Parson at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth
Plymouth writer Ian Parson outside the Theatre Royal Plymouth

The political party I wish to be associated with doesn’t yet exist.

So in the meantime i’ll be a socialist, of sorts.

Ideally I’d like to live in a democracy, in the true sense of the word.

A society where the Arts, the thinkers, the rubbish collectors are all given respect and the equal status of a banker or a magistrate.

The ancient Greeks realised that in a functioning democracy each and every position is essential in maintaining the greater good. Financial acumen is useful but certainly no more important than many other attributes essential for the well being of the whole.

What I am not, nor will ever be, is an adventure capitalist. I just don’t have it in me to consign millions of people to a life of struggle and hardship whilst spending all my days trying to convince myself I am more worthy than them and it had nothing to do with luck.

I cannot get on board the lottery in which a handful win and the vast majority lose. It’s Soooo last century and it’s killing the planet.

However nothing will improve until the Left wingers regain control.

Recent history has shown this will not be achieved by appealing to logic and reason. You need an educated electorate for such tactics to take root.

Nowadays its all about ‘feelings’ baby! As proved by the Brexit referendum. The  single-issue, small majority that shouted the loudest and ensured Britain shot itself in the foot didn’t care about facts, they cared abut feelings.

They felt their lives would improve once away from the evil European Union.

A handful of Hedge Fund bankers, Russian Oligarchs and American billionaires had invested a lot of money inviting them to reach this conclusion and it was money well spent. The technology was ahead of the law. People were conned, in their millions.

Any awkward truths since can be simply brushed away if you are poorly educated enough.

Best summed up by Michael Gove when he said,

“Nobody cares about experts anymore”

Thereby implying that ignorance is somehow worthy or that you can make up your own truth. A position first given traction by Kelly Ann Conway when she insisted President Trump was following the ‘alternative facts’.

Whatever that means.

Greed it turns out is not good after all. If a handful of billionaires suck up all the cash onto their tax avoiding computer screens the rest of us suffer immensely.

Like Soviet style Communism, American Capitalism has failed.

Like Russians in the 70s and 80s, American citizens can’t quite believe it and don’t know what to replace it with.

Now is the time for Socialism.

Unfortunately the American public and the population of Britain, after years of Republican & Conservative grooming, consider ‘socialism’ a dirty word.

It conjures up images of food queues and secret police. Subliminal connections carefully cultivated by the billionaire, non-resident, tax avoiding newspaper barons and the ‘Work hard and one day you too can be a winner’ culture put about by the super rich. 

Socialism is actually about pooling resources for the greater good.

Let’s say I take a pound of you, pool it with loads of other pounds and fix the potholes in our street. We all benefit.

If you keep your pound and put it towards a coffee, you alone benefit, briefly, but not really, you could have made a better coffee at home.

Here are some examples of Socialism in action:-

the US military

the NHS

the Police



Water Companies


Now you might be comfortable with private armies, profit making prisons and private schools. 

Unfortunately these things leave a large section of society feeling disgruntled and another large section feeling permanently scared. Conflict arises. People get hurt.

Just as politics will not get you out of a health crisis, disaster capitalism can only lead to war.

Ian Parson, January 2021

Hedgehogs, common in recent years, are now struggling. Get together with your neighbours and make holes in your fences for them to get through. That’s community in action, that’s Socialism.
Many creatures have had to adapt to survive. What makes humans think they are immune to the power of Mother Nature?
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