‘The Grind’ now available to read for free

'Chance encounter' get it?
Never mind, all hail the small retailer managing to stay afloat thru all the madness.
Bristol has always been a favourite place of mine. Quirky, interesting full of hidden secrets
Writer Ian Parson
photo: Jon Hardy

From April 2021 ‘The Grind‘ a novel about two female friends surviving the rough streets of the Victorian East End of London is now available to read for free


Partly to spread the word, partly hoping some may be tempted to pick up one of my other books and partly to show that it’s not all about the money.

We all know how internet traffic works by now, so any clicks are much appreciated. Without you I’m just being another voice blowing in the wind.

Ian Parson April ’21

Bristol is a favourite of mine for many reasons. One of which is the abundance of live music venues, both big and small. Thus ensuring a thriving music scene, places for young musicians to learn the trade and climb through the ranks, in the old way.
Bristol has always harboured a healthy scepticism of authority
Plymouth writer in Bristol
Ian Parson by Jon Hardy

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