Sandra Jackson (author) Interview

Sandra Jackson, author of the publicly acclaimed ‘The Escape Series’
Her new novel is out in 2024

Ian Parson speaks to another author who’s work he very much admires Sandra Jackson.

and asks about some of the things her public want to know:-

1. When did you first start writing?

I first started writing in 2005. By 2009 I had written the beginnings of eight different stories. Some only a paragraph or two, others up to three chapters. Then in 2010, another story idea came to mind ad I decided to stick with it until I finished it.

2. Who are your favourite authors?

If we’re talking famous authors, I’ll say Diana Gabaldon.

But over the last eight or so years, I’ve read a lot by not-famous-yet authors that I’ve enjoyed. Ron Bagliere, June V Bourgo, Joy Goddard, and Mary Deal are just a few of them. Over the years my list of favourites has grown, as I’ve discovered new books to read.

3. Do you model characters on people you know?

No, at least not yet.

4. How many books have you had published?

I’ve had four books published: one stand alone and a trilogy.

5. Which is the best book you’ve written?

This is actually a tough question as I like all my books. But, if we’re speaking technically, then each new book I write is better than the last because I’m always learning something about writing. So, holding to that then my last book ‘Dancing in the Wind’ would be the best published book. But I’m hoping to submit my next book to my publisher in the next few months, and I think that one will top the other four.

‘The Escape Series’

6. Are you a city girl or a country girl?

Well, I was born in a big city (Montreal) and raised in the suburbs in Quebec and Ontario. But for over thirty years, I’ve lived rural. So while my roots started off in the city, I’m definitely a country girl.

7. Do you have a favourite animal?

I love all animals, but cats and dogs are at the top of my list.

8. Do you intend to retire to the ocean and write more books?

While I enjoy the seaside, I love my rural life. Maybe just a retreat or two to the ocean to write when I’m retired.

9.Anything you’d like to say publicly?

Ummm, no I don’t think so

10.Have you a book coming out soon, or which is your last?

I’ve sort of answered this in question 5, but I’ll give a little more detail. I’m just waiting for my final beta reader to send back her thoughts on my 5th novel. Then I’ll send it to an editor. Hopefully I’ll be sending it off to my publisher sometime in the new year. But for now, the last book I published ‘Dancing in the Wind’ is the final book of my trilogy, ‘The Escape Series

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