About the latest Historical Novel Book ‘A Secret Step’

The novel ‘A Secret Step’ is set in the East End of London and has a feel and backdrop similar to the recent popular TV series ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Call the Midwife’.

A Secret Step by Ian Parson - Book Cover

A Secret Step by Ian Parson – Book Cover. A combined depiction of Jack the Ripper and the Blitz of London

It encompasses the iconic Jack the Ripper times in 1888 and the East End Blitz of 1940. The fact that they are only 50 years apart means some lifetimes will have spanned both eras and the author has used this rarely considered link.

In both of these times, a child born and growing up in the East End of London only ever had two chances, live best you can or die from malnutrition, disease or violence.

This story is told by a character that lived through both times. The life our character was subjected to and what he witnessed around him had lasting effects on his character and his life.

From the horror of murder in Victorian times to the courageous antics of the Dead End kids during the Blitz, if you lived in London’s East End your first lesson in life was nobody made it on their own!

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