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Ian Parson - Author

Ian Parson – Author at Greenway, holiday home of Agatha Christie

In the morning London shakes off the debris & starts again.

In the morning London shakes off the debris & starts again.

Ian Parson, the Author of ‘A Secret Step’ and ‘The East End Beckons’ has written numerous articles and been published many times in a variety of magazines both in the UK and abroad.

Ian has a keen interest in the history and politics of London. In pursuit of this, Ian is an active member of The Whitechapel Society and the Orwell Society.

Ian also has a keen interest in the 1940/41 Blitz of the East End of London. And the social history & culture of Victorian/Edwardian life in the East End. He currently divides his time between the South West & London. He has a short seasonal story being published in the United States this Christmas (2017) & his new novel ‘The Grind (Linkville) will be published in 2018.

These combined interests of all things East End were the inspiration that led to the writing and publication of Ian’s first novel ‘A Secret Step’. A fact based story taken from the life altering events experienced in the East End of London during 1888 and 1941. Dramatically accompanied by some of the human stories that occurred alongside them. Traits continued in the gripping novel ‘The East End Beckons’. and mastered in ‘The Grind’.

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